professional history

You could say that fitness is in my blood.  I have been working in this industry since

I was 17 years old, in fact I was the first UK Fitness Apprenticeship placement in the UK. From my first day of training onwards I knew that fitness was was my calling, and my passion and commitment for it is as strong now as it has ever been.

ACSM trained my career went from Apprentice to Junior Fitness Instructor to Senior Fitness Instructor to Fitness Manager to Health Club Manager, and then on to Health Club Owner. This broad ranging experience in the fitness industry gives me an incredible level of training and knowledge to the point where it's a natural and intuitive ability, it's become part of my DNA.

I have worked for managed and consulted for gyms and health clubs both large and small throughout my career, which has involved training fitness staff and personal trainers to the highest level.  I have also contributed several fitness articles to a variety of publications.  I am based at private, boutique, fitness studios in both Richmond-upon-Thames and Horsham, West Sussex providing an unparalleled service focused on taking fitness and training to a whole new level.


training systems - With 25+ years experience comes knowledge and having created over 5,000 individual training programmes for clients in the last 4 years alone I have developed (through testing different processes) a series of very successful and effective training systems that allows me to give my clients the best results from every session.

your personal training - Most important and very often overlooked is listening to what you, the client, actually wants.  What your goals and objectives are and then working to give you what you want, rather than what that trainer wants to do.  This is a commonly made mistake without reason, as there is always a way to get incredible results for a client while at the same time making the process enjoyable and be hitting the targets that have been set.  Your journey is also my journey.

getting results - I have worked extensively with a wide range of clients, from first-timers to sporting professionals, as well as clients within the entertainment industry.  By using my natural ability from years in this trade I alter each session from the previous, so that you are getting effective and satisfying results from every session while staying completely focused.  By keeping you slightly off guard there is no chance of boredom or complacency setting in, you'll always be kept on your toes.