"I started training with Jason not long after the birth of my daughter.  It can be difficult trying to shift that little extra weight. Jason came recommended by a friend for 'his excellent results'. Our initial meeting was centred around my fitness regime and goals at the time. I felt immediately motivated! Jason discussed my aims, with focus on fitness, weight loss and general well being. Women need and deserve to feel good. Jason works you hard but my goodness it is fun! I love sessions with; boxing, ViPRs, jumps, running - the results were amazing and all tailored for me. It's so important to feel at ease with a trainer, I felt amazing and confident, fit and healthy... and I was back in my little black dress in no time! I highly recommend Jason."


Director of Licensing

Warner Music UK Ltd

"I have been training with Jason weekly for almost 7 years and I can't recommend him highly enough. He is a motivated and motivational personal trainer. I had the aim of losing weight and improving my fitness. He quickly highlighted my areas of weakness: flexibility and speed and week-in, week-out has shown up to help me address them and improve my general fitness. No session is the same, I am constantly challenged and taken to a new level of performance. Seven years in, I have never been as fit."


Managing Director

Global co-Head Rates & Credit Flow Trading

"I have been training with Jason on and off for about 10 years. Unfortunately I am not in the country as often as would like to be but when I am here the first thing I make sure I do is arrange my training sessions with Jason. What I love about our training is - being extremely competitive and a big lover of sports - that we normally do about 45 minutes of functional training and then the remaining 1hr 15mins of playing tennis, squash and table tennis. I've never had training like this before, I don't realise it because I'm having so much fun - but he's getting the most training out of me, I'm giving maximum effort! I can't recommend training with Jason highly enough."


Film Producer

"I’ve been attending classes with Jason for the past few years and decided in December 2018 to up it a level further to combat middle age spread and various age related aches and pains. Over 100 PT sessions later, which are unique, challenging but also fun every time, my shape and motivation to keep fit and healthy are greatly improved. The middle age spread is gone, body is toned, and the aches and pains are gone too."


Interior Designer

"Training with Jason was the best personal fitness move I ever made having previously been at a big corporate and then a couple of other local gyms. Working under Jason's direction has helped me not only maintain my fitness but also take it to another level. When I first met Jason I knew that I was talking to someone who understood the subject extensively and who is also great at understanding his client's needs as well as their personal motivations. As an ex military man, I am no stranger to pushing myself, being pushed and being a team player. I am also a keen runner and mountain biker so thought I had good endurance until Jason showed me new and different ways to think about my fitness. Jason really fosters and encourages self development. He knows exactly how and when to dial it up and provide that additional encouragement for those that need it. Jason is also a real team player and I've really enjoyed his wide variety of classes and sessions. I can't recommend him highly enough."


Public Servant

"Following a minor operation after my 50th birthday I suffered multiple organ failure due to sepsis. I was hospitalised for a month and placed in an induced coma. I could barely walk and suffered huge weight loss and muscle atrophy. Fortunately for me, having known Jason for most of my adult life, I had the perfect person who could coach me back to health. His endless positivity and energy kept me motivated and his knowledge is second to none. He specifically tailored my workouts to fit my needs. 6 years on I weigh 100 kilos with a body fat of 18% and I am healthy with a metabolic age of 41! Thanks for everything my friend."


Director of Technical Operations


"I have always been a team or group exercise type of person and then I damaged my knee and narrowly escaped having to have a major operation. Whilst the initial rehab physio concentrated on the knee I felt the rest of me was in limbo but I was scared to do any exercise worried that I may do more damage. A friend suggested individual PT which was something I'd never considered, thinking it wasn’t for me. Well how wrong I was!! Jason’s expertise and knowledge has enabled me to return to a level of fitness and mobility that a year ago I thought I had lost forever. The sessions are fun, inventive and challenging, and I can’t imagine not doing them as they have become an essential part of my life."


Soft Furnishings Designer

"If I was to sum up in a few words, Jason makes exercise fun! It is something which is easy to take for granted until lockdown takes it away from you and you realise what you are missing. His enthusiasm is infectious and he truly loves what he does, making everyone else enjoy their sessions all the more. I am always impressed by his ingenuity, the way he comes up with new well-balanced sessions each week and then is able to tailor them on the fly to any special requirements such as recovering from an injury. Jason is an inspiration which means that I want to give every session my best. It is great to see the improvements that I have achieved in my levels of fitness over time, making me feel younger than my years." 


IT Architect

"I've trained all of my life and was a high achiever in sporting activities in my younger days, with athletics and tennis in particular. Okay, he is my little brother, however I am truly not being biased when I say that Jason is the ultimate trainer, he just knows exactly what to do for you personally to get you results. I knew nothing of functional training until Jason started training me with it about 10 years ago. Since then I've had results that I previously just couldn't get. What people don't realise is that Jason's been doing this as a trade since he was 16 years old, which basically means years and years of knowledge and experience in every aspect of fitness and training. As far as I'm concerned there is no substitute for that! He has actually inspired me and created a love for fitness so strong that I now teach classes myself - thanks bro!"



"I have always done some kind of exercise throughout my adult life. In my younger years football (until a knee injury made it an occasional pass time only), tennis and golf are just a few. However it was when I started training with Jason and going to his classes that for the first time ever I noticed a real difference in how quickly I got fitter and in better shape. It's such a laugh training with him but he also takes your training really seriously and wants you to do well and feel better from every session. I've learnt so much from him and it's helping a lot with keeping me strong and flexible in my 'golden years'!"